Sunday, February 21, 2010

The makings of Tsubaki: Shield part I

*this is what I have up to now. will post more when I do more progress!

B. I then painted them. The lighter color is cut with foamboard is meant to be the base. the other pieces are craft foam and are the decorative parts.

A. I first drew out a paper pattern and traced it onto white craft foam sheets.

Tackling Tsubaki is my big project of 2010, and it is set to be deadline of May-June in case it need any tweaks before AX 2010!

So, I broke it down into increments and decided to start off with the shield. I'm weak with props, and this is my first time making a big or weapon prop so I decided to do this first in case it needed to be redone.

* If you noticed this post is backwards, it is D:. I was typing up post and the site made it go backwards, especially with pic :< I hope this cause no confusion and I am trying to fix it!

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