Sunday, March 28, 2010

SPRING BREAK 2010 (march 16-28)

spring break= a lot of sewing, cosplay, staying up late with my guys and my girls~

ALA gathering 03/20/10. We had a fruits basket group but kyo and yuki already left >_<

THEN followed a few days of fashion district trips and screwing around with friends.


So, around last tuesday night, was a last minute cosplay born for a military photoshoot for Saturday! 2 1/2 days WAS NUTS! nothing like little sleep and food to make you die ;3;

But! Some pictures came out alrdy (see here: and I really like how they came out! We were sewing up until time to go, so I didn't really get to have my wig cut ;3; I look like a white haired Tsukasa!

We did the anime So ra no wo to! It's fairly new and just finished last week, 12 episodes total.

I did Noel, who is supposed to be sorta expressionless. Not good for a photoshoot because then they think you are being lazy to pose :X

Anyway, school starts again tomorrow! Time to be a hermit again ;A;

Sunday, March 14, 2010

idol time!

Admit it, we all have someone we idolize *_* It could be a model, a celebrity, even your family!

I've been into lolita for years. I always pored over the latest designs and photoshoots, so of course I'd have a favorite model and she still is to this day!

Misako Aoki! She's been in the gothic lolita bibles for as long as I can remember and models for many different styles. Honestly, I was debating though if that could really count for an idol-looking pretty. So, I did some research and just found out that model isn't her only schtick... she's actually a nurse!
As a nursing student, this made me so happy! Ever since starting school, I've kept my ruffles and bows hidden away and tried to fit in. I didn't want people to think I was bonkers and rebuff me, at school or in the hospital ( don't wear it in the hospital anyways, fo sho). I always thought I had to eventually grow out of it too, or have to keep it as a hidden side of myself as I got older and eventually got a career. BUT! I've been inspired. Misako is pretty well known in fashion circles, and if she can still work her day job and not be taken any less seriously, I think a little fan could too
But what I think I like most about her is how she still embodies lolita to her own style. She hasn't bitten the OTT sweet trend as of late, even in photoshoots. You know, the BIG hair and bling bling. I'm not much of a hater, it just gets repetitive to see. I'm also a big fan of old school lolita though, so I am also biased.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

GAMING: Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

Around a month ago, I went into gamestop to download the special pichu for the new pokemon and happened to see this game! It looked so cute, rpg, and full of science so I had to try it!
I played like nonstop for 2 weeks and believe that I am at least halfway through the game ( I hope). I really like it!
First off, its in its original japanese with english subtitles. It has an adorable yet ridiculous storyline: Annie ( main character) is basically a lazy bum who only dreams of marrying up (so she doesn't have to work! xD;). Her grandpa, the royal alchemist, gets fed up with it and sends her to a new island that is developing into a resort. Annie has to take on many jobs and help build up the island in order to win a contest to marry the prince, but learns hard work within in the process!
The character designs are cute, with each one having a distinct personality and they have quite a story with Annie and the others.
I'm normally one of those impatient types who never finishes a game. If I find it grinding or long, or just get bored I just lose interest and never finish. I haven't given up on Annie yet and hope to finish soon!
Please give Annie a try!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was when I realized just how much I love nursing. Having the same clinical site, professor, and group for the last 5-6 months makes you so attached :'D. I think I'll miss this!