Sunday, March 28, 2010

SPRING BREAK 2010 (march 16-28)

spring break= a lot of sewing, cosplay, staying up late with my guys and my girls~

ALA gathering 03/20/10. We had a fruits basket group but kyo and yuki already left >_<

THEN followed a few days of fashion district trips and screwing around with friends.


So, around last tuesday night, was a last minute cosplay born for a military photoshoot for Saturday! 2 1/2 days WAS NUTS! nothing like little sleep and food to make you die ;3;

But! Some pictures came out alrdy (see here: and I really like how they came out! We were sewing up until time to go, so I didn't really get to have my wig cut ;3; I look like a white haired Tsukasa!

We did the anime So ra no wo to! It's fairly new and just finished last week, 12 episodes total.

I did Noel, who is supposed to be sorta expressionless. Not good for a photoshoot because then they think you are being lazy to pose :X

Anyway, school starts again tomorrow! Time to be a hermit again ;A;

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