Thursday, March 11, 2010

GAMING: Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

Around a month ago, I went into gamestop to download the special pichu for the new pokemon and happened to see this game! It looked so cute, rpg, and full of science so I had to try it!
I played like nonstop for 2 weeks and believe that I am at least halfway through the game ( I hope). I really like it!
First off, its in its original japanese with english subtitles. It has an adorable yet ridiculous storyline: Annie ( main character) is basically a lazy bum who only dreams of marrying up (so she doesn't have to work! xD;). Her grandpa, the royal alchemist, gets fed up with it and sends her to a new island that is developing into a resort. Annie has to take on many jobs and help build up the island in order to win a contest to marry the prince, but learns hard work within in the process!
The character designs are cute, with each one having a distinct personality and they have quite a story with Annie and the others.
I'm normally one of those impatient types who never finishes a game. If I find it grinding or long, or just get bored I just lose interest and never finish. I haven't given up on Annie yet and hope to finish soon!
Please give Annie a try!

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